Accessibility Raised Beds Project

We are undertaking a comprehensive project to provide everyone, parents and children, the elderly and those less abled individuals, improved access to plots and facilities at all our allotment sites.  A key part of this project is the creation of Accessibility Raised Beds at each of our four sites.


Using grants from The Big Lottery Fund along with our own Association funds, we have already achieved a good deal having installed new Accessible toilets at all four of our allotment sites.

We are now concentrating on the development of the Accessibility Raised beds and their associated paving.  We have used Association funds and our maintenance budget to achieve part of the work required and this along with specific Grant funding from Cheshire East Borough Council  and others, should help us fully realise the project.

Grants have been received from the following sponsors to whom we are most grateful:

  • £2806 from  The Big Lottery Fund
  • £1000 from  Cheshire East Borough Council
  • £1000 from  Persimmon Homes
  • £ 500 from   David Wilson Homes
  • £ 500 from   Seddon Homes


Using part of this funding we have now completed the Four Accessibility Raised beds at Lawton Road,  finally filled with vegetable soil ready for planting, together with the surrounding paving completed and connected to the main path.

The physical work to clear the site and to erect the raised beds has been done with our team of volunteers who have given up their time to assist with this much needed facility.


Lawton Road – Completed Accessibility Raised Beds

Here are some photographs taken on the day our volunteers created the raised beds!

It was challenging work with lots of heavy lifting and shifting by our team of volunteers but the finished article, our first set of four accessibility raised beds which you can see in the photographs, has been well worth all the effort and planning that has gone into this project. These 4 beds are now let out to tenants one of which includes a Pre school Nursery – promoting gardening at all ages!


Next Phase

Work has already commenced at our Cedar Avenue site with our Team of Volunteers clearing the identified plots ready for the erecting three accessibility raised beds. It is hoped these will be complete at the end of September 2018.

If you wish to apply for one of these Raised Beds  please  Click here to view or print  the request  form  Accessibility Raised Beds – Allotment Request Form

Two Accessibility Raised Beds are planned at the Talke Road site,we have the sleepers required for the Accessibility raised beds and work can commence at the site undertaking the preparation and clearing of the identified plot.

Currently all our plots are filled at Coronation Avenue.  As soon as we have a vacancy we will identify a plot to enable us to develop an Accessibility Raised Bed.  Completion of this will be subject to funding.

Our Future Plans

We hope to build on the sturdy base we will have established in providing easy and safe access to our allotments plots for everyone, but particularly for those who have difficulty working at ground level.

  • We would like to provide appropriate shelters at each of our sites.
  • At Cedar Avenue, by far our largest site, we hope to establish a communal facility where members can not only cultivate their plots but have a place to meet and socialise benefiting from the camaraderie this would bring as well as growing your own food because it is nutritious, fresh and tastes better!


June 2018