If you are a current member or looking to join and have a query you can contact the association members using the following contact details.

Association Officers

President: Derek Hough Tel. 01270 875144 Email:
Chairman: Mr Adrian Ford Tel. 01270 877363 Email:
Vice-Chair: Pending pending
Secretary: Pending pending Email:
Treasurer: Mr Adrian Ford Tel. 01270 877363
Trading Secretary: Mr D E Spall Tel. 01270 874117 Email:
Membership Secretary: Ms H Robinson Tel. 01270 882818 Email:
Minutes Secretary: Mrs Lyyne McCabe Tel. pending Email: pending

Site Representatives

Coronation Avenue : Mike Smith Tel. 01270 877265 Email:
Cedar Avenue: Pending Tel: Email:
Lawton Road:Adrian Ford Tel: 01270 877363 Email:
Talke Road:  John Nixon  pending Email: