Why Rent An Allotment?

Because its Enjoyable and Good for your Health and Well Being!

The allotment movement nowadays countrywide is expanding as people realise that they can enjoy growing their own vegetables, enabling them to choose tastier varieties of vegetables. They can also have complete control over their growing conditions.

In addition you will be able to take advantage of the healthy exercise cultivating a small piece of land can bring. A study of the health and well-being benefits of allotment gardening in the Journal of Public Health, concluded that Allotment gardening can play a key role in promoting physical health and mental well-being and can be used as a preventative health measure. A further study by Westminster and Essex Universities revealed that those  Lots of people today have concerns about the food they are eating either because of its taste, or the possibility of chemicals that have been used to produce it. People who spent as little as 30 minutes a week in their allotments saw significant gains in mental well-being, had fewer weight problems and lower levels of depression.

If you decide to rent an allotment in the near future, you will be able to make a choice for yourself of what you eat, knowing when you come to consume them exactly what they are and how they have been grown. You will be in control and can decide whether or not, like many people, you choose to grow your vegetables organically, or of course, you may wish to use chemicals to keep them free from insects or disease. It is your choice. An added advantage is home grown vegetables cooked straight from the garden only take a few minutes to cook and tastes so much better!!!!

Are you a complete novice?
There really are not any mysteries to growing high-quality food from your own allotment. It may be that you have never grown any vegetables at home and you are questioning whether you would be able to succeed. No need to be concerned.  There are plenty of people on the allotment willing to give you advise. The allotment movement attracts many people from all types of backgrounds, some of which have many years of experience, so there is a wealth of knowledge there for you to draw upon. In addition there are plenty of publications and articles provided by the National Allotment Association (NAS) who we are affiliated with, plus publications, articles  and books available at no charge to members and partners, in our Trading Hut. The local library is also a good source of information along with the many TV  programmes that are now aired.  There is also a huge amount of information, helpful advice and suggestions on a range of web sites including the RHS   or just “Google it”!

Choose which varieties of vegetable you grow.
The home and allotment grower has plenty of choice as to which vegetables and fruit they grow. There are quite a number of seed firms whose catalogues can readily be acquired.

Our Allotments and What we can offer

Alsager Gardens Association manages four allotment sites – at Cedar Avenue, Coronation Avenue, Lawton Road  for Alsager Town Council. Members and partner groups can rent allotments by the quarter-plot for £16.00 per year which runs from 1st January – 31st December.   Each site has secure fencing, an Accessible Toilet and mains water via stand pipes and at Lawton Road and Cedar avenue we have Accessible Raised beds to rent.

We have a four Accessibility Raised Beds at our Lawton Road site and three Accessibility Raised Beds at our Cedar Avenue site. 

Apply For an Allotment

Our Fees for  2023

Annual Membership – £4.00

Annual Allotment Plot Rental

Full Plot £80
Half Plot £40
Quarter Plot £20
Raised Bed £12

Anybody wishing to take on an allotment, should contact the Secretary  at and attach the form below.

Alsager Gardens Association Request Form


Becoming a Member of the AGA and renting an Allotment Plot

Tenancies are subject to our  Allotment Rules   and you should read our  Policies and Documentation

You will need to be a member of the AGA and you will be required to complete an Application Form which can be found here Alsager Gardens Association Request Form and become a member of the AGA.  Click here for a  copy of the  AGA Membership Form 2023.  Our membership, which is payable annually from 1st January, currently costs £4.00.

If you are interested in applying for one of the accessibility raised beds  please view our  Accessibility Raised Bed-Project page or print our Application form here  Accessibility Raised Beds – Allotment Request Form.  Accessible Raised beds cost £10 per year.

Access Seeds and Sundries at reasonable prices.

Becoming a member of Alsager Gardens Association allows you access to a range of seeds and sundries at very reasonable prices. There are also organisations nationally, who can provide seeds from organic sources. Also available are some of the older and sometimes treasured varieties made available to people through the organisation Heritage seed library.

A copy of The AGA Rules and Constitution can be found here  AGA Constitution Approved at AGM 12th March 2019

Location of Allotments

1. Cedar Avenue and Trading Hut
2. Coronation Avenue
3. Talke Road
4. Lawton Road( access off Percy James Close)