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COVID 19- Policy, Rules, Regulations and Advice For Members, Plot Holders and Visitors to our Sites

Risk Assessment Trading Hut – 24-02-21

AGA Rules and Constitution

The objects of the Association shall be to promote the good cultivation of all gardens, to purchase seeds, plants and fertilisers at wholesale rates and to sell such purchases to the members at reasonable prices and generally to assist members in all matters tending to promote good management and cultivation of gardens

View full document  AGA Constitution Approved at AGM 12th March 2019

AGA Financial Policy

Having a clear and coherent process for handling money protects the association, helps to prevent cases of fraud and means the association is transparent.

View full Document  AGA Financial Policy May 2019

AGA Equality and Diversity Policy

Alsager Gardens Association is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity and diversity and recognises that members, allotment tenants, volunteers, visitors or users of our allotments, should not experience discrimination on any grounds.  Alsager Gardens Association (AGA) will comply with The Equality Act 2010, the statute replacing previous anti-discrimination laws. It applies to all organisations that provide a service to the public, sell goods or provide facilities, irrespective of whether they charge for them.

View full document here  AGA Equality & Diversity Policy

Further information on The Equality Act 2010 can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/equality-act-2010-guidance)

AGA Safeguarding Policy

The Alsager Gardens Association is committed to ensuring that all members and users are safeguarded while using its services and facilities.
The aim of this policy is to ensure both the safety of vulnerable adults and children by outlining clear procedures for handling safeguarding issues and that all members and volunteers within Alsager Gardens Association are clear about their safeguarding responsibilities.

View full document  AGA Safeguarding Policy

Allotment Tenancy Agreement

All new tenants and new tenancy arrangements will be required to sign a copy of the allotment tenancy agreement.  These rules apply to all tenants regardless of the duration of tenancy.

View full document  Allotment Tenancy Agreement 2021-7   

AGA Allotment Rules

View full document      Allotment Rules- 2021-7

Allotment Inspection Policy and Process

Keeping your allotment free of weeds and under cultivation is important  to the allotment community and is a requirement of your tenancy. We will regularly inspect the allotments to ensure that standards are maintained, allotment plots are in a safe condition  and that they are under cultivation.

Our inspection process is detailed in this document  Inspections and Notices Process v2 

If you fail an inspection a “Failed Inspection /Weed Notice”  will be issued to you.  You will then have a period of time in which to comply with the notice.      Failed Inspection Notice 2021-7

Health & Safety Policy

Under civil law anyone involved in allotment management has a common duty of care to ensure that their allotment sites are run in as safe and appropriate manner as possible. This duty of care is extended towards all people accessing the allotment site and its boundaries, including allotment holders and tenants, town council representatives carrying out duties, members of the public, bona fide visitors and volunteers. There are also environmental laws to be observed.

View full document  Health & Safety Policy

View     Risk Assessment All Sites – 22-05-2019

View Health & Safety Guidance for Plot Holders


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Organisational Documents

5 Year Plan – November 2019 (v3)

Signed Copy – AGA/ATC Devolved Management Agreement and Appendix  May 2019