For any enquiries regarding the rental of allotment plots, please contact Clara Howell AGA Secretary on 07812555548 or email


Annual Membership – £4.00 per person

Annual Allotment Plot Rental for 2023

Full Plot £80
Half Plot £40
Quarter Plot £20
Raised Bed £12

We have allotment sites at

  • Cedar Avenue – our largest site with over 100 plots made up of mainly 1/2 and  1/4 plots plus 5 Raised beds.
  • Coronation Avenue – our smallest site made up of 1/4 plots plus 1 Raised Bed
  • Lawton Road – access off Percy James Close made up of 1/4 and 1/2 plots has 4 Raised Beds
  • Talke Road – our second largest site with a range of 1/2 and 1/4 plots has 2 Raised Beds

Allotments have increased in popularity over the last couple of years so at times our sites will be full, however  plots do come available at various times throughout the year so it is worth getting in touch with us to find our the current position and to put your request in writing using our allotment request form.  If our allotments site is full then you can be placed on a waiting list, it is usual to be allocated a plot within the year.

Our raised beds are accessible for wheelchairs and suitable for gardeners with mobility or other issues. The raised beds are well located on the sites with easy access to parking, water and the toilet building.

If you would like to rent an allotment or a raised bed , then as you need to read our Allotment Rules – 2021-7 and our  Policies and Documentation as these apply to all tenants and form part of the tenancy agreement.

If you want to have a look at one of our sites and talk about what is involved then please do email  the secretary  at  so that we can arrange a suitable time when we can give you an insight in to how our allotments work, what people do and what’s  involved in renting an allotment.


We hold an annual open weekend, usually in May each year, when visitors can drop in and have a look at the allotments and talk to our gardeners.  This is a fun event with tea, coffee and home made cakes. For more information go to our events page Events